math trade tools by ones upon a game

Math Trade Preliminary Results Cleaner

Paste the list of all trades completed in a prelimary run (found under "ITEM SUMMARY (xx total trades):") into the box below and they will be filtered to just a single list of all traders.


Math Trade Wants Cleaner

Paste the the full officials wants file, your problems list, and exceptions to GG/GC and press the "Clean" button.
Official Wants

Paste the FULL wants file from the OLWLG, with all headers, etc.


One problem to a line, in the following format: TM Item Code|Problem Reason

4566-SPLEN|Version Not Confirmed
4735-DIPLO|duplicate item per owner


Exceptions are TM Item Codes IN YOUR AUCTION that appear to be geek gold or gift certificates, but are not (GiftTRAP or Carson City: Gold & Guns). You will find these rare instances when you clean the trade the first time and they trigger arbitrage warnings. One exception per line.


Cleaned Wants

This is the original wants file that has been "cleaned" of all problem items (wants blanklisted) and arbitrage warnings noted.

Search this cleaned version for "# >>> MODERATOR NOTE" for each problem removed and search for "# >>> ARBITRAGE WARNING:" for cases of potential arbitrage. These notes should remain in the wants file for transparency and will not affect TM processing. Check arbitrage for false positives (add codes to Exceptions) and then blank out the want lists for any true positives.

Take this file to do your processing with TM to produce your results free of bad items and arbitrage.

Cleaning Log

This is the summary of all the changes made to the original wants file including found problems and arbitrage warnings.